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Hello everyone,

As one of my first beauty posts I am going to show you the products I use everyday on my skin, in the morning and at night. All my products I use are Liz Earle, my mum first introduced these to me about 3 years ago and I still keep buying them time after time. They are so gentle on the face and the smell is also amazing which is an added bonus.

As you can see in the picture above I first use Cleanse and Polish. What I like about this cleanser is you put it straight on your face for example onto dry skin or over your make up, if you want to take it off. You then use a  muslin cloth which you just put in hot water and wipe off the cleanser. This creates a lovely fresh smell and my skin already feels refreshed! Usually if I am putting this on over makeup to remove it, I would do this process twice, just to make sure my skin is completely clean.

Following this I dry my face, then either pour some of the skin tonic onto a nail pad or use a spritzer and just spray it on my face. Now this part is the most refreshing because it's so light and again the smell is amazing. At first I always used to skip this step because I never really understood what it did but I now know this locks in moisture to your skin so I never skip this anymore!

This picture shows the same products but these are the travel size ones which come in SO handy. Also whenever you buy them online or in the shop you get a free travel size version of one of the products, which I think is a really nice idea.
As I mentioned above, this is the spritzer I use to apply it to my face as it applies a nice mist over the face.

Then I finish off with the superskin moisturiser at night and the regular moisturiser in the morning. I love the superskin one because you can really feel it working on the skin and it really does leave your skin super soft and rejuvenated.

So that is my usual every day routine, once a week I exfoliate and apply a face mask so there will be a post on those products sometime in the future.

Thanks for reading, I'd love to hear about your skincare routines in the comments bellow xo

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  1. I love reading skincare posts, they're always so interesting. I used to use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and don't know why I didn't replace it when it ran out, it's brilliant! That moisturiser sounds lovely too.

    Hannah x

    1. Thank you! What do you use now? xo

  2. Great post! I use the body shop's tea tree range for my skincare routine and occasionaly the body shop's vitamin c energizing cleanser which is really good!

    -Magenta xxx

    1. Ooh thank you, I'll have to give them a try! xo

  3. I love how you get a free travel size one when you buy it! I wish everything came like that :)


    1. Yeah same, such a lovely idea! xo

  4. I love to see what other people use in their skin care routine. Right now I use The Body Shop Tea Tree facial wash. In the morning I use tea tree skin clearing lotion as moisturiser.For night time, I use nivea creme as my night cream.


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