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Hello everyone,

I was kindly sent a Japanse style exfoliating wash cloth called a bit of rough by missdanielle and I was really excited to try it because you can just use your shower gel with it meaning you don't have to buy loads of different products because I admit exfoliator is never at the top of my list.

Firstly, when this came through the post I was so excited to use it due to the packaging. I immediately thought it would be great for travelling because of the sheer black bag it comes in and its compact size.
When I first opened it I had no idea how to use it as I didn't know whether you still needed to use an exfoliator. But this was soon cleared up when I turned the card over to reveal some useful instructions!

When you unravel this cloth it's actually a metre long which is great if you want to reach your back.

I don't usually suffer from dry skin but every now and again I like to give my skin a good pamper and remove any remaining fake tan because I'm practically grey without it. After my first use I was pleased with the results as my skin felt a lot smoother than usual (you'll be pleased to know I now use it more regularly).

So overall I really like this product (and I'm not just saying this, I ALWAYS give an honest review). It means I have to use less products and it is so easy to fit in my case while travelling, so this will definitely be coming to Australia with me!

Let me know if you have tried this or a similar product in the comments below xo

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  1. Ooooo might have to give this a go!! I love a good exfoliation!! xx



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