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Hello from Sydney!

I have currently been here in Sydney for about a month now and already the thought of returning to the UK at christmas is something I don't want to do. I am currently living five minutes from the beach and about half an hour from the city which is perfect for my lifestyle!

Since being here, I have gained more of an understanding of the Australian fashion and I am still trying to perfect the's like relaxed but chic at the same time, by the time I move from here I hope I can copy the style.

I would usually insert a generic picture here of say the Harbour Bridge or the Opera House but you have all seen that before so here is my current favourite place..

I actually live near Maroubra beach but this one is about a half an hour walk, and it is soooo worth it! It's the perfect place to chat or read a book. And the little fishing boats add a lovely bit of character to the place.

Another thing I love about the Australians is their love for coffee! Finally, I'm not the only person trying to explain to someone how you can taste the difference. I love the fact most places are small and individual and not part of a massive chain.

It's currently winter here and coming from a british person it is actually quite cold. However, many people are reassuring me it will be getting warmer soon so I best get working on my bikini body!

Thank you for reading, I will continue to keep you updated with all things Australian xo

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  1. This looks so beyond beautiful - I wish I was there right now! I visited Australia five years ago and loved it. Hope you enjoy your new city & looking forward to seeing more gorgeous pictures :) xxxx


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